Step-Mom Strong Coaching

Step-mom strong logo Harford County

Step-Mom Strong Coaching of Harford County, Maryland.

Through Nathalie’s own experience professionally as a licensed therapist and as a Step-mom and Bio-mom, she has been in the throws of resentment, overwhelm, stress and confusion about what she was doing as a Step-mom herself! When she got support, learned some simple techniques, and was held accountable to make the changes she needed to make, she found it made a HUGE difference in her experience of the circumstances and how she could handle them. Nathalie is eager to help you do the same!

Ongoing discount being offered to military: 15% Off with Military ID

One-time discount being offered to newcomers/natives in the community: [ninja-popup id=4518]15% Off![/ninja-popup]


(410) 935-6512



Nathalie Savell Website

Thank you to Liz with Caprichos Books for connecting Native or Not with Step-mom Strong Coaching!

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