Old Town Beer Exchange

Old Town Beer Exchange is located in beautiful downtown Huntsville and offers an array of craft beer and wine in a warm (and family friendly!) environment. From the words of OTBX themselves…

“Within the walls of this space are where those dedicated to workmanship and expert knowledge in all forms find comfort and companionship. There’s something mystical and sacred about working expertly with one’s own two hands. Craft beer is an exciting and growing embodiment of this ideal and we hope to promote and support those that take these concepts seriously.

We also are people dedicated to the common good. We believe that we’re all here to forward God’s plan and will donate a portion of our operation to worthy causes within the community.”

Ongoing discount being offered to military: 10% off your merchandise purchase with Military ID

One-time discount being offered to newcomers/natives in the community: [ninja-popup id=5935]10% off your merchandise purchase![/ninja-popup]




301 Holmes Ave NE, Ste 150 Huntsville, Alabama

A huge thank you to Liz with Spirited Art for connecting Native or Not with OTBX!

Head to the Spirited Art social media and website to learn more about this creative and FUN spot to let your inner Picasso shine!

Spirited Art Instagram

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