Duke Design Co.

Duke Design Company is an independently-owned and operated studio, serving the Harford County, Maryland area and beyond!

Their 2-person team merges the skills from visual communications and brand marketing with nearly 20 years of combined experience. From graphic design and digital illustrations, to vinyl decals and installation, they have the solutions for all your business visibility needs.

They design and deliver high-quality work to a wide variety of clients and offer competitive prices and flexible hours!

Ongoing discount being offered to military: 

– 50% off logo package ($200 value!)

– $30 for the first hour of graphic design work (typically $50/hr)

One-time discount being offered to newcomers/natives in the community:  

[ninja-popup id=6319]

– 25% off logo package ($100 value!) or

– $30 for the first hour of graphic design work (typically $50/hr) or

– Free shipping up to $25 on vinyl service







Thank you to Malia with Millennial Marketing for connecting Native or Not with Duke Design Co.!

Contact Malia and her team for your digital marketing needs! https://www.millennialmarketingmd.com 

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