Stefana Silber – Interior Design and Decor

Stefana Silber – Interior Design and Decor of Harford County

Stefana’s love for interiors and decor started shortly after she and her husband purchased their first home together. She transformed that home, and currently their second home, with contemporary decor, renovations, and DIY projects into a beautiful space for her growing young family.

Stefana has been sharing the renovation and design process of her new home with friends and followers on social media for the past couple of years. The numerous requests for design help and advice have lead Stefana to start offering interior design and decor services both in person (locally) as well as remotely through e-design.
The services include a Photoshop rendering of your space with the proposed design, whether it’s an entire room from top to bottom, or a small spaces like console tables, coffee tables, and shelves.

One-time newcomers/natives discount: 10% off

Ongoing military discount: 10% Military Discount with a valid military ID